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Going Green?

When I started thinking about launching this business, one of the key things I wanted to address and solve was the recycling problem associated with container candles. Over the years, I’ve collected a multitude of candle vessels and cleaned and recycled them, but I always wondered if there was a better solution. 🌿 My mom reminded me that “in ancient times” we lit candles in candle stands and other forms of illumination were hurricane lanterns and oil lamps. These are now objects of novelty, part of “rustic decor” and “barnyard chic” IG posts. 🌿 Lighting a pillar candle might need a bit of a clean up of the wax pool at the base of the candle holder, but I think that adds to the charm and uniqueness of the candle, don't you? 🌿 I see the words "sustainable", "eco-friendly" <insert 'XYZ Green' keywords> being bandied about by brands; but I believe that if we don't make the effort to conserve what we have, consume consciously, and buy purposefully, we just continue to be part of the cycle. What does going green mean to you? 🌿


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